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Power & Cooling Solutions for Concrete Industry

Cement your place and gain competitive advantage

The development of the cement and concrete industry is directly connected and dependent on various infrastructure development agendas and other priorities set by governments across Africa. Recent years of rapid growth have seen a number of new entrants across the continent.

The distressed state of the construction sector, the poor economy and reduced spending on infrastructure resulted in declining sales volumes within the cement sector. Declining production capacity utilization rates, intensive energy consumption within the sector, capacity challenges and intensifying competition for market share are a daily sector challenge.

Aggreko Africa has tailored, quick and efficient end-to-end power solutions ensuring your daily operations are trouble-free

Our local teams have a long history of helping manufacturers meet their production requirements by supplying power,  cooling, and humidity control solutions for maintenance and production issues.

Let us help you in eliminating the costs associated with rework and ensure you can reduce your production energy costs, reduce occupational health risk while all ensuring environmental compliance is ensured.

End-to-end turnkey power solutions & temperature control systems tailored to your project

  • Power for outages and motor starting
  • Cooling/transformer cooling and chilled mix water
  • Chilling of stored dry cement and aggregates
  • Peak shaving for cement production
  • Plant power for remote batch plants

Let’s sit together to see how we can reduce your unplanned downtime, reduce costs and optimize your energy efficiency!

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