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30 kVA Stage V Generator

Robust and fuel efficient, our Stage V generators can deliver on your temporary power needs without sacrificing performance. Installed and monitored by experts, our Stage V generators deliver low-emission energy generation through improved technology.

Our 30 kVA Stage V generator offers greater efficiencies, low noise levels, and lessens the impact on global and local emissions - and can run on both diesel and HVO.

Data is based on 50 Hz. For more information please request a data sheet or download our Stage V generator brochure.

100% prime power 50 Hz - 9.52 l/hr
75% prime power 50 Hz - 7.08 l/hr
50% prime power 50 Hz - 4.95 l/hr
NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) 50 Hz - 3.542 g/kWm-h
PM (Particulate Matter) 50 Hz - 0.0006 g/kWm-h
CO (Carbon Monoxide) 50 Hz - 0.065 g/kWm-h
HC (Unburnt Hydrocarbons) 50 Hz - 3.542 g/kWm-h
Sound Pressure at 7M 50 Hz - 53 dBA @ 75% load
Length (m) 3.05m
Width (m) 1.17m
Height (m) 1.89m


  • Designed and assembled to Aggreko's bespoke standards
  • Bolted, galvanised, alloy steel canopy with lockable doors
  • New aftertreatment system to adhere to latest emissions legislation
  • Suitable for alternative fuels, such as HVO
  • Acoustically designed equipment
  • Range of warnings and shutdowns on control system
  • Smarter servicing with condition based monitoring of key systems
  • Standardised internal/external fuel and DEF connections
  • Installation of a Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Selective catalytic reduction system
  • Added injection technology
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalysts
  • 24/7 Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM)


  • Giving better protection of the internal components
  • Secured units for peace of mind
  • Greater efficiency than the previous generation of diesel engines
  • Further minimises emissions
  • Quieter sound
  • Protects generator set from damage, helps identify and rectify faults before they occur
  • Reduced service intervals
  • Faster and more secure site set up with extending external fuel and DEF fill intervals
  • Reduces fine diesel emissions
  • Reduces NOx emissions
  • Further neutralises harmful particulates
  • Reduces CO2 emissions through oxidisation
  • Allows you to easily optimise, control and manage your on-hire fleet

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