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Data centre temperature control - we’ll help you keep your cool.

To maintain peak performance and operational reliance of a data centre, cooling equipment is crucial.

  • We supply temperature control packages that provide supplementary cooling to tackle seasonal temperature increases and support during maintenance or expansion
  • We can also deliver chiller, cooling towers, A/C unit and air handler packages 
  • The modular design of our cooling range enables us to meet all the specialist climate control needs of a data centre, no matter what the floor space
  • Our Air Handling Units (AHU) coupled with chillers or heaters/boilers can provide large scale temperature control from a couple of m2 to unlimited

Reduce risk and costs with uninterruptible data centre power.

Reliable data centre power infrastructure is critical for high uptime facilities. Our temporary standby sets can maintain the resilience of N+ systems when they’re taken off-line for maintenance or upgrades.

  • Our mobile and modular diesel generators range in size from 30 kVA to 2100 kVA
  • With a compact footprint and exceptional efficiency our temporary UPS systems - up to 3MVA - can provide full redundancy
  • Hire loadbanks to help to test your generators, UPS, busbars and switchgear
  • All equipment can incorporate remote monitoring technology for 24/7 equipment surveillance and maximum uptime

Data centre power, cooling and testing - at every stage of the data center lifecycle

Keeping you online

Temporary power, cooling and loadbanks for data centre operations and maintenance

Keeping downtime, down

Poor maintenance and lifecycle strategies are the second most likely cause of unplanned downtime within a data centre. Which is why we provide a range of data centre maintenance and monitoring solutions. A combination of regular inspections and predictive maintenance can help identify changes, trends or irregularities that could lead to potential failure. Reducing risks and costs.