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“No one wants to pay for more energy than they need, so our engineers will work with you to make sure you get the right level of power for your project.”

We’re your dedicated engineering partner

In an industry where no two operations are the same – and where every dollar counts – you don’t want a rental company. You need an engineering partner. We have unrivalled expertise in designing power management and temperature-control systems for the oil and gas industry. This means we can support you through your project life cycle, from startup and testing, to drilling, to production and decommissioning. Whether you’re operating upstream, midstream or downstream, we can help you to work more efficiently. It’s what we do.

Reduce and control your operating costs

High operating costs and low oil prices can often mean renting power generation and temperature-control systems is cheaper than buying, and we can also help you save money by:

  • Reducing fuel costs by 60 percent or more with power automation and power-on-demand systems for pump jacks, booster pumps, dewatering facilities and other applications.
  • Operating more efficiently by capturing and purifying excess flare gas for use in natural gas rental generators.
  • Deploying Micro-Grids as centralized power plants to reduce costs by powering multiple wellsites from one location.
  • Using customized dehumidification and cooling systems to preserve valuable equipment on cold-stacked offshore rigs.

Whatever your challenge, we’re dedicated to helping you reduce costs and work efficiently.

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"A lot of our oil and gas customers come to us when they need a power supply that can adapt to meet changing demands without blowing their budget. Our job is to create the system that keeps power optimised while taking financial pressure off the customer."

Reliable performance that flexes to meet changing needs

We can help you maintain production throughout the life of your project –however your needs change. No one wants to pay for more energy than they need, so our engineers will work with you to make sure you get the right level of power. And if things change, or there is an emergency or power outage, our best-in-class equipment and engineering team will  make sure you get what you need quickly.

Pipeline testing and startup

We can help bring your pipelines online quickly with cooling, heating and compressed air systems designed to speed up testing and commissioning. Our engineers design systems and recommend the best equipment for a range of test processes. This could include using chillers to cool hydro-testing water, pushing pigs using compressed air, dewatering pipelines and thoroughly drying pipelines to specifications using desiccant dryers.

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“Aggreko was able to manage all of our power requirements – from sourcing the right filter management company to customising a power solution that helped improve production above our original estimation.”

Jason Wacker Operations Manager ,
BC Operating

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