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Generator rental solutions in singapore

Diesel generator rental for planned and emergency applications

We keep businesses running day and night with our diesel and gas generator rental services. With our generators ranging in size from 20 to 1500 kVA, we have the power you need to get the job done and to keep your business moving for all industrial and commercial applications.


Fast and flexible Generator Rental services in Singapore

Our generators are modular in design, so packages can be scaled up or down to give you the voltage and power you need – no more, no less. And because we keep them on standby in our mega-sized depot in Jurong, we can deliver to you quickly. What’s more, our generator rental packages are flexible and tailored to your time-frame, fuel and power needs, as well as your budget. Just check out how we rescued a local major bakery's power failure to understand our operational capabilities.

And because we offer a range of sizes, we can combine our diesel generators in different ways to deliver the exact amount of power for your site. Or if your power demands fluctuate, we’ll design a load-on-demand set-up where our generators automatically turn on and off to meet the site’s load demands, meaning we only provide the power you need when using our generator rental service, saving on fuel, emissions and costs.

Global expertise on your doorstep

Our team of experts is on hand 24 hours a day, every day to help deliver your project. From an emergency 20 kVA road-tow generator, to a high voltage commissioning project, we have the know-how to make things happen.

We draw on our global network of power specialists to find the best solutions to the most complex jobs - whatever the sector or application.

Industry-leading design from Scotland

We design and build our generators at our ISO9001:2008 accredited manufacturing facility in Scotland. This means we’re continually finding ways to make them cleaner, quieter and more efficient. They’re also accredited, so you can be sure they meet the strictest safety and emission standards.

We’ve taken care of environmental concerns too, with industry-leading soundproofing and emission control that meets all standards, and fully bunded fuel tanks to eliminate leaks.

We house our gas and diesel generators in either a soundproofed canopy, or enclose them in custom-designed 20-ft standard ISO containers – for enhanced security, durability and easy transportation by road, rail, sea or air. We also offer a range of our smaller generators in unbranded containers, making them unrecognisable for extra security. These are ideal for sites where security is an issue.

Continuous power – 24/7

Aggreko generators utilise remote monitoring technology to ensure 24/7 equipment surveillance and maximise uptime.

From our Remote Operations Centre, our team of engineers keep watch on a range of parameters, including loads, maintenance requirements, warning and failure alarms and GPS locations. When equipment functions outside these boundaries, they respond quickly before the problem develops, or rapidly deploy resources to resolve the issue on-site.

Remove the hassle of fuel management

Leave the hassle of fuel management to us. Our competitively-priced fuel management service ensures you get regular fuel deliveries to keep your rental generator equipment up and running. We schedule times that won’t interrupt your operations and use specialist vehicles to reach your equipment, no matter the terrain.


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