Preservation & Humidity control for Ground Fleet


Aviation Temperature and Power solutions

Today’s modern planes are built to fly. Constantly. So, when they need to spend extended lengths of time in storage, preserving and protecting their critical components is vital.

It’s essential that they are kept in a humidity-controlled environment, safeguarded from the effects of corrosion, condensation and moisture absorption.  

Helping you minimise reactivation costs and timescales

Our specialist power, temperature and moisture control solutions provide a cost-effective way of preserving your aircraft whilst they are grounded. Reducing both reactivation costs and timescales.

Our experienced team of engineers will work with you to create bespoke plans, while also providing a rapid response service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Using temporary power generators and specialist heating and drying technology, we offer fast and effective solutions for all ground aircraft requirements.

Creating the right air, out of thin air

Creating optimum conditions for storage takes expertise and technology. We have both. Our wide range of on-demand generators (30 kVA – 2,100 kVA) ensure a continuous power supply while our ground-based dehumidification units and associated distribution trunking enable sufficient air circulation.

And because we offer the flexibility of long and short-term hire, you get the most cost-effective way of preserving your aircraft in preparation for efficient reactivation.


  • Controlled dehumidification of internal storage spaces
  • Prevention of humidity corrosion, moisture absorption and rust build-up
  • Upscaling of equipment during peak seasonal changes
  • Diesel, gas and alternative fuel generators for maintenance, testing and welfare
  • Reliable fuel management for continuous supply



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