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Aggreko at a glance

60 years’ experience
6000 + global еmployees
9.6 GW 2021 size of fleet

At Aggreko we deliver energy solutions so businesses can grow and communities can thrive.

Mines, data centres, sporting events, manufacturing sites – even whole cities – need electricity around the clock. Reliable supplies of energy have never been more critical. That's why we make sure our customers have power, heating, and air conditioning when, where and for however long they need it.   


We’re sector specialists. We recommend the right choice of energy and rental services to improve productivity. No matter where in the world, no matter how complex the challenge, from rapid-response emergency support to multi-decade investments, we can help. 


We offer our customers access to the latest, cleanest, and most efficient technologies. We remove the need for them to invest in and manage these assets directly. This allows them to focus more on their own customers, their communities, and creating a sustainable future. 


A shift to more sustainable energy, everywhere.

The drive for businesses, governments, and individuals to transition to a greener, cleaner world has never been stronger. We focus on our sustainability to minimise greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations. And we help customers to incorporate energy storage and renewables, and invest in sustainable infrastructure.

Who we are

Working together

Working globally at the forefront of clean, flexible energy, we’ll bring you the advantage of our know-how wherever and however you need it. Our scale means you can benefit from the latest, most efficient technologies on your journey to sustainability.

Aggreko is in 60 global locations – and we’re just a phone call away whenever you need us.

What makes Aggreko different is our breadth and depth of expertise. We understand the challenges you face and how to solve them, no matter how complex.

From city centres to remote sites or offshore rigs, we deliver clean, efficient power – however, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

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