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An oil pumping jack, also known as a 'nodding donkey' and flare stack in an oil field in Russia. Photographer: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Waste Gas Solutions

Turn waste gas into energy

Waste gas, as a byproduct of industrial activities such as power generation, mining, oil and gas operations, or manufacturing, poses a significant environmental threat. When released into atmosphere, it contributes to global warming due to the high content of greenhouse gases.  

While generation of waste gas from industrial processes is inevitable, Aggreko can help you turn your waste gas into energy and reduce your carbon footprint. 

By capturing these gases and using them as fuel sources, you can power your operations and even create a new revenue stream by selling your waste gas to a third party while cutting net carbon emissions and boosting operational efficiency.

Solving the waste gas issue, together

Turnkey and dependable

Renewable energy


Shrink energy costs

Types of waste gas

Biogas/landfill gas

Biogas, a mixture of gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, is produced by anaerobic digestion from organic waste, and is a significant source of renewable energy.

As an alternative to natural gas, it can be used in power generation, co-generation of electricity and heat (combined heat and power or CHP), or upgraded to biomethane and used as transport fuel. 

Biogas is particularly attractive as the technology to produce it is relatively cheap and can be easily deployed in domestic settings. It can be used alongside natural gas fuel and has a zero-emissions production process. Using biogas can save up to 240% greenhouse gas emissions compared with fossil fuels.

If your facilities generate biogas / landfilled gas as a byproduct, Aggreko can help turn it to energy, for example, use it as fuel to generate power to send back to the grid, generating an additional revenue stream, or to use it for powering processes on site.  The best part? – No Capex investments are required – we provide turnkey solution under long-term service contract.

Wide angle shot of a modern biogas plant under a great cloudscape. Toned picture and vignette added.

We work with you to deliver bespoke solutions

Repurpose waste gas, reduce emissions with alternatives to flaring.

Associated petroleum gas (Flare Gas)

Flare gas is a by-product of numerous industrial processes. Typically, it is emitted and burnt when unwanted or excess gases and liquids are released during normal or unplanned over-pressuring operations in industrial processes, such as oil and gas extraction, refineries, chemical plants, the coal industry and wastewater treatment.

As gas flaring generates considerable amount of greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to global warming, there’s a global push to reduce this practice. Many companies have pledged to end gas flaring by 2030, and they will need to find a use for this excess gas. 

Flare gas can be used on site for power generation, compressed or liquefied for transportation, or reinjected in secondary oil recovery. Flare gas recovery is cost effective and does not normally involve any significant equipment modification. Any surplus can be sold to generate additional income, and all in all, turning waste gas into energy would cut your carbon footprint.

Aggreko provides turnkey flexible solutions to generate power from flare gas in the most challenging situations, such as in offshore environment, in remote oilfields, with fluctuating quantity and quality of APG available.