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Dehumidifier hire

Solutions for optimum climate and moisture control

Commercial and Industrial Dehumidifier Rentals

When humidity or damp threatens your operation, our desiccant dehumidifier hire packages will keep things dry - no matter how big the space.

High levels of humidity can damage critical assets, such as machinery, electronics or even fine art. Floods and leaks can also wreak havoc – costing you time and money. Both industrial and commercial, hire a dehumidifier to help you control moisture and humidity levels – fast.

Precise dehumidification and dew point control for critical sites and assets

Working in critical environments, moisture control is key. Aggreko is experienced working across a range of industries, including the construction, facilities management, shipping and oil and gas.

We can find cost effective solutions for a range of applications. Our industrial dehumidifiers can be used to:

  • Prevent metal corrosion.
  • Reduce drying times for concrete, insulation and fireproofing.
  • Reduce mould and mildew growth.
  • Dry out water-damaged commercial buildings.
  • Prepare surfaces and vessels for painting and coating applications.
  • Blanket equipment to protect from humid air.
  • Maintaining correct ambient conditions for floor laying.
  • Aid processes, such as stabilising or preserving food products.
  • Preserve equipment on laid up oil rigs or vessels.

Desiccant dehumidifier – ideal for outdoor use

Our solutions perform well at low temperatures and in cold, damp weather. They’re portable and ideal for outdoor use. With airflow capacities up to 1600 m3/hr, are capable of drying out very large areas.

We custom manufacture each desiccant dehumidifier with an internal silica gel wheel. The wheel rotates slowly, drawing air into the gel, which retains the moisture. The dried air is then blown back into the room or building. The wheel is then heated, which evaporates the trapped moisture, allowing it to be blown outside of the building.

Our rental fleet is perfect for manufacturing, large buildings or construction sites, and for applications such as reducing the drying time for wet concrete, speeding up painting and coating operations, or minimising corrosion. We also offer options across portable industrial air conditioner and water chiller units.

Interested in renting one of our solutions? Get in contact with our specialist team today and we will be happy to help you find and rent the right option for your needs.

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