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Supply of reliable and affordable hybrid power for construction project

Client: Construction

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Sectors: Construction

The Challenge

Supply of reliable and affordable hybrid power for the construction of a major tunnel

A major tunnel construction project was needed in Melbourne to ease congestion on a busy traffic network, as well as reduce the number of trucks on residential streets.  
The company needed modular, flexible power for their construction project for several months. With construction happening in Metropolitan Melbourne, the builder faced additional limitations in terms of noise regulations and was also constrained by the tight budget.

Project fact file

CO2 savings 48645kg
Average fuel consumed per hour 0.22 Litres
Fuel savings 19151Litres
Reduction in fuel consumption 90%

The Solution

Supply of the best equipment as well as monitoring fuel consumption

 Aggreko recommended a 30 kVA diesel generator paired with a 30 kVA battery hybrid unit running a constant 1 kW 3 phase load to achieve the desired results.

We also remotely monitored their fuel consumption to ensure the timely supply of fuel and avoid delays. The client had an option to monitor the system as well, via the Aggreko Remote Monitoring app.

The Impact

Reduced fuel consumption and emissions

The battery hybrid unit supplied the load for 5612 of a possible 6106 hours - meaning that throughout the entire project lifecycle, the generator only had to run for 494 hours.  

This reduced costs as well as CO2 and noise emissions. Moreover, pairing battery storage with the generator allowed us to extend servicing intervals of the latter, meaning reduction in waste, cost and time.