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Aggreko Powers KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix in Sydney with HVO

Client: SailGP

Location: Sydney

Sectors: Events

The Challenge

Reducing CO2 to match SailGP’s sustainability ambition

SailGP, a premier global sailing event, presented a significant challenge in terms of reducing its environmental footprint while maintaining high-performance standards for the Sydney event in 2024 SailGP’s ambition to be the world’s most sustainable and purpose-driven global sports and entertainment platform added another layer of complexity to the challenge.

Traditionally, with events of this scale, we rely on diesel generators for power, resulting in substantial carbon emissions and environmental impact.

With growing awareness of climate change and sustainability concerns, there was a pressing need for a more environmentally friendly solution that could meet the event’s power requirements without compromising performance.

Key Facts

Power generated 22,770kWh
CO2e savings 23,533kg
HVO used 9,141Litres

The Solution

Using HVO to power a large-scale event

Our dedicated events team rose to the challenge by introducing an innovative solution powered by Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) for the first time in SailGP history.

This eco-conscious approach offered a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel used to power generators, significantly reducing the event’s carbon footprint.

The use of HVO allowed us to generate 22,770 kWh of power with 9,141 liters of fuel, achieving an efficiency rate of 0.4 liters per kWh.

This groundbreaking solution not only demonstrated our commitment to sustainability but also showcased the feasibility and effectiveness of greener fuels in powering large-scale events like SailGP.

The Impact

Reducing carbon emissions to set a precedent

By opting for HVO instead of diesel, the event realized a remarkable 23,533kg reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions, marking a significant milestone in sustainable event management.

Moreover, Aggreko’s innovative approach set a precedent for future events, highlighting the potential for eco-conscious solutions to power large-scale events without compromising performance or reliability.

The success of this collaboration between Aggreko and SailGP underscores the importance of prioritizing sustainability in the events industry and serves as a testament to the power of innovation in driving positive environmental change.

By embracing innovation and prioritizing sustainability, Aggreko and SailGP have set a new standard for eco-conscious event management.