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Industrial Heat Exchanger with transfer area 28.5m2

Industrial heat exchanger with transfer area of 28.5 m2 and nominal flow rate of 30 l/s is used for efficient transfer of energy (heat) between a hot and a cold media. Heat exchangers also provide a safe solution for separation of the hot and cold circuits in heat recovery or closed circuit heat transfer applications. They can be used to cool gases or corrosive liquids.

Rating Plate Heat Exchanger
Heat transfer area 28.5 m2
Design Airflow 30 L/S
Length (m) 1.1
Width (m) 1.1
Height (m) 1.92
Weight (kg) 669


  • Able to cool a variety of process fluids
  • Can be combined with chillers for a variety of applications
  • Stainless steel, portable and compact units
  • Plate construction enables it to be easily opened for inspection and cleaning


  • Safe and reliable operation for rental applications
  • Extra strength and durability, dynamic stability
  • Reduced total cost of operation
  • Safe, balanced lifting and placing in tight places