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Grid scale solar and storage solutions

Grid scale solar and storage

Delivering energy resilience

As the global energy market transitions, our grid scale solar and storage solutions provide the perfect solution for clients who want to build energy resilience. Benefiting from clean energy innovation without the need for long-term financial or technological investment. Supporting all sectors including mining, oil & gas, utilities and commercial, our flexible solar solutions help lower emissions, reduce costs and are optimised for off grid or weak grid applications. They can be rapidly deployed, boosting the reliability of a power supply.

Why work with Aggreko?

Solar solutions

Solar solutions can include floating arrays, tracking, fixed and mobile systems

Solar and storage solutions tailored around you

We partner with PV manufacturers to shape solutions around you. Optimising solar resource potential, fuel and carbon emission savings

Mobile and modular hire equipment

For self-contained solar power, all units are fully mobile and modular, enabling them to be rapidly deployed on other sites

Solar and storage hire solutions with no capex

No capital outlay and no risk for fixed solar power. We design, build, own, operate and demobilise units when required

Tailored to your ambitions

With the world changing rapidly, you need the freedom to do the same, which isn’t always possible when tied into a long-term contract. By outsourcing solar power with us, our clients can focus on utilising their working capital and maximising the returns from their current operations and assets. All while transitioning to a lower-carbon future. 

Fully scalable, rapidly deployable

Our solutions are mobile and modular by design, fully scalable and rapidly deployable. Fixed or self-contained units, our solutions are tailored to specific sites and regions, taking into account the climate, location, life of project and whether solar panels need to move around the site. Our experts start by establishing a client's needs, performing a remote site assessment, followed by a site-visit assessment to determine the best solutions.

Seamless battery integration

Our solution integrates seamlessly with our thermal and battery storage products for an optimised hybrid solution. Control platform ensures optimal performance, creating a more resilient system that operates more efficiently, needs significantly less fuel and has a much lower carbon footprint.