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Industrial air conditioning solutions

Air Conditioner 4500 W

This portable 4500 W spot cooler is great in the event of an emergency or special need. The spot cooler plugs straight in and begins cooling in minutes. No plumbing is required. Portable and flexible add-on extension duct is available to allow you to direct cooling to where you require it most, focusing cool air exactly where it is needed.

Design Capacity (kW) 4.5
Design air flow (m3/s) 0.22
Sound pressure level 46 dB(A) @ 3m
Voltage (V) 240
Height (m) 1.05
Length (m) 0.65
Weight (kg) 76
Width (m) 0.49


  • Delivers 4.5 kW of design cooling capacity at 25°C air outlet temperature.
  • Suitable for portable applications and emergencies
  • High energy efficiency ratio (EER).
  • Can be used as an air- or water-cooled machine.


  • Safe and reliable operation for rental applications
  • Provides cooling, heating, dehumidification and filtering of air
  • Protection against accidental site damage
  • No plumbing required
  • Suits a wide variety of applications
  • Reduced total cost of operation
  • Safe, balanced lifting and placing in tight places