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Industrial cooling tower rentals

Browse our range of industrial cooling towers, including industrial water cooling models.

Solve your cooling needs with our cooling tower rentals

Temporary cooling tower rentals sized to your operations

As a leading cooling tower supplier, we have a wide range of solutions available for hire that are ideal for Industrial purposes. Our temperature control and cooling tower fleet can be customised to suit your needs.  The modularity of the equipment allows for adjustments in cooling capacity during peak periods or changing operational demands. Our rental cooling towers are designed for rapid deployment and seamlessly integrate with existing cooling systems, reducing downtime and preventing costly delays. 

We have solutions that can be tailored for a wide range of industries. Our offering includes keeping equipment at optimal temperatures throughout data centres, providing process cooling solutions in the food and beverage and hospitality industries, and combating the high volumes of heat generated in sectors like mining, oil and gas, construction, agriculture and more. 

Cooling tower rentals for a broad range of applications

We offer cooling towers for a broad range of industries, including mining, utilities, food and beverage, manufacturing, governmental, and hospitals. Combine them with large scale HVAC / chiller systems for complete and efficient cooling solution. 

Modular Cooling Tower Rentals

Our cooling tower equipment ranges from 2,500kW through to 10,000kW and can be combined to achieve multi-megawatts of cooling capacity. This can aid in:

  • Helping industrial plant customers recover from existing failures in both planned and emergency situations
  • Augmenting and/or supplementing cooling water flows
  • Providing cooling for planned system turnarounds
  • Help prevent your machinery and equipment from overheating and extending their life

We Can Meet Your Cooling Requirements from Start to Finish

Our technical team can support any cooling tower requirement that you may have with tailored solutions across any industry. Our specialised team of design engineers can also tailor our fleet to suit your business.

Our modular fleet can be used to cool products and provide supplemental condenser water cooling to help drive greater efficiencies and reduce your operational costs across the board. Each cooling tower can also augment and/or supplement water flows and provide support for planned system turnarounds. With years of expertise, our technical staff are ready to find the right cooling tower rental solution for you.

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Keep production running and efficiency maximised

Benefits of choosing industrial cooling towers from Aggreko

1. Environmental compliance

Plants that are reliant on cooling water from rivers, lakes or oceans can face disruption when met with changes to water levels, ambient temperatures, regulations or temperature-sensitive microorganisms. Our engineers are experienced in finding solutions to such challenges. By totally or partially cooling the water from the plant, we can help you meet production demands, while remaining within authorised process limits.

2. Increased production

A limited number of cooling towers restricts your plant’s productivity – particularly during warmer ambient temperatures. We can help by adding our cooling towers alongside your own and temporarily increase your cooling capacity.

You’ll then have the capability to optimise production levels, meet seasonal peaks in demand, respond to increases in ambient temperatures and avoid immediate capital investment.

3. Adaptability and scalability

With a range of sizes available, we will recommend the most suitable arrangement to suit your specific requirements. Rental systems can be scaled up or down depending on your operational demands or as an answer to seasonal requirements. 

4. Cost efficient cooling systems

Rental cooling solutions will help you avoid unnecessary upfront investment in situations when cooling capacity is only required for limited periods of time, be it months or even years. 

5. Emergency replacement of industrial cooling towers

In the event of a cooling tower failure, you need to act fast. Our process cooling team will work quickly to design and commission a cooling tower hire package that will get you back up and running with minimum downtime. Our plug-and-play design allows you to integrate rental cooling towers into your cooling system to prevent costly delays. 

6. Comfort facilities cooling with commercial cooling towers

Many offices, hospitals and schools rely on HVAC cooling towers to provide comfort cooling. But if a tower breaks down during the summer heat, conditions can quickly deteriorate. Our commercial cooling tower rental provides both cooling towers and chillers to cool buildings, while your permanent plant is repaired or replaced.

Whether you need a short-term fix or a long-term cooling solution, we can work with you to devise a cost-effective plan of action.

Solve your temperature challenges with our temporary cooling solutions, browse our full range of industrial cooling equipment here.

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