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Portable electric air heater 50 kW

50 kW electric heater offers an environmentally clean method of heating and drying. The fan motor is equipped with VSD for air flow control. This model can be used for a range of applications to ensure the ideal climate for human occupancy or product storage. The 50kW heater has industrial features such as heavy-duty castor wheels, forklift pockets and lift eye points.

Heater shown may not be representative of equipment available at the time.

Volts/Phase/Hz 415V / 3 Phase / 50Hz
Design air flow (m3/s) 1.5
Design Capacity (kW) 50
Maximum Outlet Temp 70°C
Length (m) 1.45
Width (m) 0.78
Height (m) 1.44
Transport weight 350kg


  • Provides good airflow over long distances.
  • Suitable for commercial use for indoor applications.
  • Ideal for either largescale or localised temporary heating.
  • Can be used for HVAC applications, as well as industrial or construction applications - wherever warm air is required.


  • Tough, portable design.
  • Easy to manoeuvre with heavy duty castor wheels, fork pockets and lift eye points.
  • VSD for air flow control.
  • Remote thermostatic control if required.