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The Coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed everything that used to be “normal."

To adapt to the pandemic, businesses around the world quickly needed solutions to create safe work environments for employees and customers. In many cases, this has led to the fast-tracked implementation of new technologies, innovative approaches and new ways of working.

At Aggreko we had to adapt and help our customers to do the same. As the world’s leading supplier of mobile and modular power and temperature control solutions we saw unprecedented levels of interest in new approaches and new technologies. We think some of those trends are good indicators as to what might well become the new normal.

Remote monitoring technology keeping businesses running   

Within the space of a few short months companies across the world had to come up with ways of radically reducing the numbers of their own people and contractors that were on site or in offices at any one time.

As a result, we’ve seen a considerable uptick in the need for more advanced digital technology where external contractors may be carrying out services that traditionally require them to be on site. In the energy services sector, engineers are usually required to attend customers’ sites in-person when maintaining generators and other energy assets. This creates the risk of disrupting business operations as allowances must be made to ensure social distancing between contractors and onsite employees. Much of this disruption has been avoided by employing remote monitoring.

Integrating digital solutions is nothing new of course. At Aggreko we’ve had this capability since 2013. Our remote monitoring centres in Texas and Louisiana are filled with engineers ensuring that our equipment worldwide is operating efficiently and safely. Both centres remained fully operational despite periods of lockdown during the ongoing pandemic.

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Enabling cleaner work spaces 

While providing reliable power is essential for any business operation, clean air for employees is now just as important.

In order to ensure that air flow is operating effectively through workplaces, businesses have needed to look at new technologies. Aggreko’s clean air solutions allow for efficient air circulation to provide fresh air in internal spaces, keeping customers and employees safe and allowing companies to conduct ‘business as usual’ without compromising on safety. They’ve proved to be a vital lifeline in keeping business operations functioning safely.

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Opportunities in a changed world 

The pandemic has forced us to reassess how we do things across all facets of life. As businesses begin to operate in a ‘new normal,' we are all looking for better ways to keep everyone on site safe while minimising costs. Contingency plans are an effective way to safeguard your business and with our cleaner air solutions and remote monitoring - your business and employees can continue to work and enjoy peace of mind that your workspace is a safe space.

Innovative solutions can and have helped address the immediate challenges with keeping teams safe. But these solutions unlock greater benefits and have longer term advantages, resulting in better processes and lower costs for businesses who rely on energy and industrial services and helping support the return to work. 


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