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Innovative cable pathway solution for data centre commissioning

Client: A multinational electrical equipment supplier

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Sectors: Data centres

The Challenge

Delayed load bank and electrical board access impacting commissioning schedules

Our client was supporting the load testing of a new data centre. However, without being able to source the load banks required for adequate testing, this would mean their commissioning schedule would be affected.

To make matters more complicated, external electrical boards – which typically provide an easy Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) interface for load banks – hadn’t been installed yet. As a result, the client needed a partner who could route heavyweight cables directly to the UPS link boxes on the third floor of the data centre. This unique challenge made for a much more complex setup. With constant customer delays on-site, this meant load testing schedules would be subject to last minute changes.

The client needed a partner who could find a solution and fulfil both these challenging requirements. 


Project key facts

Load bank 1600kW
Load bank 1200kW
Load banks 2x750kW
Server room, tablet and engineer with connection cable for maintenance or software update at night. Cybersecurity, it programmer and coder man with technology for database networking in data center

The Solution

Overcoming electrical board absence through innovative cable pathways in a data centre setting

Our team devised a detailed workaround routing heavy cables to the third floor of the data centre. We devised a cable pathway solution which would require cables to be partially suspended from the ceiling.

Our team took care of everything, from planning to installation, setup, and removal. They positioned everything on site, set up the full load testing compound, and ensured the safety of everyone while working to test the customer UPS and get the data centre online.

With our fast response, our team was able to remain flexible and agile with the changing load testing schedule and varying requirements.   

The Impact

L3 load testing completed on time

Throughout the project, as additional uncertainties affected the timeline, we were able to provide the adaptability our customer needed to react to an unpredictable schedule.

With our detailed front end engineering designs that helped the client work around their challenge of routing cables directly to the UPS link boxes which was on the third floor of the data centre, the client was able to meet their deadlines and commissioning schedules.

Ultimately, Aggreko’s load bank and electrical expertise enabled our customer to get another data centre up and running without costly delays, ready to fulfil its intended purpose.