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Y.Cube - 60 minutes Energy Storage Unit

The Y.Cube is a ready-to-install energy storage system, comprised entirely inside a single standard 20 ft container. This mobile and modular solution includes batteries, inverter, HVAC, fire protection and auxiliary components, all tested and pre-assembled by Aggreko experts, and seamlessly operated by our smart software. The Y.Cube can be delivered and deployed almost anywhere. Single units can be easily combined to deliver the power and energy capacity required for your business.

Battery Type Lithium Ion
Rating 1050kW
Voltage (V) 500 V, 3 phase
Ambient Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 oF to +122 oF);Power rating reduced by 50 kW/°C above 47 °C°C
Length (m) 6.06m
Width (m) 2.44m
Height (m) 2.8m
Weight with batteries 19,500kg
Weight without batteries 11,200kg


  • 1 MW power
  • 60 minutes duration
  • All-in-one 20 ft standard container
  • Integrated thermal management and fire suppression
  • Closed ventilation system for deployments in harsh conditions
    with exposure to dust, sea water or salt spray
  • Wide ambient temperature range


  • Mobile and modular
  • Fast deployment and quick setup on-site
  • No capex
  • Easy integration with our thermal unit
  • Integrate more renewables and lowers your fuel costs
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

+50 years developing temporary power projects all over the world

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