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IDF space heater hire for industrial and commercial use

200 kW Indirect Diesel Space Heater Hire

A 200kW indirect oil-fired heater provides fume-free warm air with no combustion by-products or moisture added to the heated air. This heater is fitted with a dual-speed fan with a performance suitable for industrial, commercial or event applications. From heating a temporary venue, to drying out a damp building - our heater hire packages can help.

Heating capacity 200kW
Design Airflow 3.3 m3/s
Connections 32 A 5 pin
Fuel Consumption 20l/hr
Maximum Outlet Temp 70°C
Power supply 400V 3p N+E 50 Hz
Height (m) 1.36
Length (m) 2.40
Width (m) 0.81
Weight (kg) 605


  • The 200 kW heater is designed for areas that require a good heat/flow with low background noise.
  • Heater banks can be operated in stages
  • Portable units with forklift pockets and top-lift points for easy handling
  • Dual-speed fan


  • Provides good airflow over long distances.
  • Suitable for commercial use and both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Ideal for either largescale or localised temporary heating.
  • Can be run with an external thermostat to save on fuel.
  • Can be used for HVAC applications, as well as industrial or construction applications - wherever warm air is required.

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