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Make a massive difference in your career 

 Working at Aggreko gives you the challenges you need to stay on your toes - and the rewards can be incredible.

We lead the way in power, heating, cooling and energy services. We also offer our people the competitive salary and benefits you need to ensure you can always give your best.

What’s more, as a global company we have jobs available in 204 locations – giving you the chance to take your career around the globe.

A job that takes you places 

We're a global company, which gives you the chance to work in more than 200 locations. 

Your career is important – to you and to us. We recognise and reward innovation, hard work and performance by giving you the tools to take your journey in the right direction and we'll support your development through ongoing training.

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“When you talk to Aggreko people, you’ll hear the same thing: a huge sense of pride in delivering excellent, often time-critical, work for our customers all over the world."

"The real heroes are our passionate teams who solve our customers’ problems in the fastest, safest and most cost-effective ways possible. From working seamlessly with local teams to rapid response support and expert planning, our aim is to be there for customers in a way others can’t. It’s a promise we live up to time and time again, and that makes me proud to be part of the Aggreko Team.”

Chris Weston CEO ,

A global business with team spirit 

At Aggreko, you’re not just part of a global business, you’re part of a family. We give our people the chance to work with colleagues in different departments around the world, so that you get to know our business inside and out. 

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A diverse culture

Because we operate globally, Aggreko employees come from a wide mix of cultures, skills, attitudes, experiences and backgrounds. We embrace a broad range of views and experiences – it helps us meet the challenging needs of our business. In fact, it’s an important part of our success, productivity and responsiveness to the diversity of our customers.

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Start your career on the right track 

We know how daunting things can feel at the start of your career – so we pride ourselves on giving you direction. Whether you’re starting your first job, or want to enhance your academic experience, we can give you hands-on training with our paid internships, as they become available. Placements typically last two to three months and we offer them at many of our locations and across a range of roles, including engineering, research, technical support and day-to-day business operations.

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Opportunities for everyone

Aggreko is committed to ensuring that our employees are able to enjoy a safe, respectful work environment free from all forms of discrimination, abuse and harassment.


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