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Generators and batteries ready for filming

Handling the challenges of movie making

Client: LAB Productions

Location: Victoria, Australia

Sectors: Events

The Challenge

Handling the pressures of movie-making

A production company needed quiet and reliable power to film the second season of a popular American science-fiction TV series in Victoria, Australia.

The challenges of moviemaking required reliable and stable 24/7 power for a wide range of applications as well as protecting sensitive electrical equipment such as A/C units and water pumps from power surges.

Project Fact File

of CO2 savings 27,824kg
of diesel saved 10,482Litres
of CO2 saved over the life of the hire 248,194kg
of fuel saved over the life of the hire 92,610Litres

The Solution

Calling ‘action’ on a sustainable solution

With no room for error, Aggreko provided a sustainable solution for the unit team for the filming location. We supplied two truck-mounted systems containing a hybrid power package of silent power generators and battery storage. To compliment the solution we also supplied the distribution system, main outgoing switchboard and two silenced truck-mounted generators for the gaffers. 

The unit team then distributed the load around the Unit Base at each deployed location. With the help of the Event team, Aggreko mounted the assets on the back of cross-hired trucks ready for pick up.

The Impact

Silent, sustainable power for the silver screen

Not only have they drastically reduced their fuel consumption and carbon footprint, but they have also managed to reduce crew hours - saving costs, as well as helping to regulate fatigue management for their teams. 

With these hybrid generator set-ups, they can now monitor the systems offsite and confidently provide 24/7 power to keep the cameras rolling. 

It’s a total game-changer for us. Not only has the new Hybrid generator set-up radically reduced our diesel fuel consumption and our carbon footprint but it has also allowed us to reduce crew hours, which is another big saving, in cost and in fatigue management. I would never want to manage another production without these Hybrid generator set-ups in the future. They tick all the boxes.

Director, Red Fox Unit Services Unit Manager La Brea Season 2

Richie Young