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Client Logistics Events Australia

Location Melbourne, Australia

Sectors Events



Making 41 tonnes of ice
appear and disappear in a flash

It’s the set-up and dismantling that pose the biggest challenges, because this time costs money without generating revenue. We needed to find enough reliable power to freeze vast amounts of water as quickly as possible at the build phase, then help melt it as quickly as possible when the events ended.     


Project fact file

2 Events

An ice rink and ice slide

200 kW

Units used to freeze and melt ice

41 tonnes

Of ice produced



Unique technology, unique expertise 

Our unique reverse cycle chillers melted the ice, as well as freezing it. The rink used two 200 kW units and the ice slide one, with a 125 kV generator to provide extra power for the initial freeze and final melt. In between, the client’s house power was enough, running one 200 kW chiller economically at half capacity.    

the aggreko difference

You’re not just getting the product, you’re getting a whole team.

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Time and money saved, with 100% reliability

Our customer was delighted with how we seamlessly installed and commissioned their ice rink and ice slide projects. Every freeze and defrost time was faster than expected, with no incidents. Our quick turnaround times and cost savings saw them booking us for another ice rink which was such a success, we’re doing it again next year.


The bump in and out operations were flawless.

Logistics Events Australia's Director and Founder, Rod Stoller, was very pleased with the result noting the versatility of the FC200 Reverse Cycle Chillers and also how quiet they were.

We are already working on upcoming events all over Australia with Rod and his team for next year.

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