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Ensuring Ideal Environment For Exhibition Centre

Client: RAI Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sectors: Events

The Challenge

Create the perfect climate inside huge pavilion spaces

The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre reached its maximum capacity in terms of available rentable square metres back in 2011. To continue serving businesses and communities effectively, the RAI installed temporary pavilions, ranging from 3,000m2 to combined areas of 15,000m2.

In order for this to be successful, RAI needed the new facilities to join seamlessly to the existing structures, and for any tenants to be completely unaware of the temporary nature of the pavilions.

That demands the perfect environment, and so they contacted Aggreko to generate the ideal setting.

Project fact file

Customised Control System 1x
Top size of range of pavilions 15,000m2
Constant monitoring of humidity levels 247

The Solution

Range of temperature control equipment and a customised control system

We listened to the customer first and foremost, and we devised a package that satisfied every concern and requirement – and we were giving them the power to control the system as they see fit.

Our customised control system allowed RAI Amsterdam to keep tabs on the temperature inside the pavilions at all times, giving them the control to have it how they wanted. It also enabled the customer to have an increased number of exhibitions too, thanks to the rise in rentable space that the pavilions provided.

The Impact

Bookings increased and reputation enhanced

With the ability to keep control of the climate inside the temporary structures, it allowed our customer to ramp up bookings in this new space and therefore, increase revenue.

Not only that, but thanks to the annual optimisations and analysis, our partnership with the customer is strengthened and their reputation in the area remains as positive as ever.