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A powerful range of modular, scalable solar PV panel systems

Fully integrated photovoltaic panel systems, available on flexible terms to fit your project

Solar PV panel systems

The most flexible way to use a free energy source

Whether you’re looking for sustainable power for events, an ongoing source of renewable energy, or a way to acquire equipment for longer-term mining or utilities projects, the Aggreko solar power range has it all.

Working with us, get hands-on support to design and implement the right solar PV system. From panel selection to solar inverters and energy storage, we take care of every detail - making it easier for you to reduce your energy costs and associated emissions.

We provide three key types of system, tailored to your project: 

Mobile PV panel systems Modular PV system blocks Renewable energy design and build
Complete, containerized systems, ready to use in just a few hours and backed by our global logistics. Rapidly deployable PV array blocks, matched with appropriate inverters and electrical systems Bespoke solar power (and wind) systems, designed for the most challenging sites and environmental conditions.

Tailored solar panel systems

Integrated, turnkey solar systems

When you choose Aggreko solar power, you get the blend of best-in-class equipment and industry-leading expertise.

We source Tier 1 solar PV panels from our global partners, based on the unique details of your project, challenges, and aims. We take a diligent approach to every aspect of your system - from inverter performance to how you’ll integrate with power generation and the utility grid.