23 Apr 2018

Aggreko commissions local artist to create artistic legacy for GC2018

Leeton Lee


As part of Gold Coast’s commitment to preserving its Aboriginal heritage, Aggreko commissioned local artist Leeton Lee, to create a bespoke piece of art for the 20ft generator container to celebrate the 2018 Commonwealth Games – an event that Aggreko supplied temporary power for – including 17 competition venues, non-competition venues, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Athletes’ Village and International Broadcast Centre.

The artwork featured traditional symbols to tell the story of Aggreko as an energy source, the journey of the spectators visiting the Games, and the backdrop of the landscape and hinterland mountains visible from the Gold Coast. At a closer look, there were tiny silhouettes of athletes in various sporting poses. 

The container doors carried a different image of the many people descending upon southeast Queensland, but more specifically, the oval shape at the centre which symbolised the velodrome. There were also two prominent lightning bolts which represented ‘power’ in its most raw and natural form.

The intricate, hand-designed artwork was also 3-dimensional; adding to the visual aesthetics.

Leeton Lee said his work makes a strong statement: “This opportunity with Aggreko has allowed me to share my culture on a global level, and highlight the presence of local Indigenous people who have been caring for country for thousands of years on the land. It’s also built a new relationship between Aggreko and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through Aggreko’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).”

The Aggreko installation was housed at the Anna Meares Velodrome from April 5-8, then moved to Carrara Stadium from April 9th until the Closing Ceremony ended the Games.