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2023.03.08 Aggreko

Aggreko powers a summer full of events to delight crowds all over Australia

From outdoor festivals to concert tours

After a lull in the music industry caused by the global pandemic, music concerts are back all over Australia, with global superstars touring our shores throughout the summer.

While each event is unique, they have a lot in common, and that's a demand for large amounts of power within tight deadlines. This summer was full of epic events. For our team, it started with a tour of Guns N' Roses, performing at stadiums in Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Adelaide. Our power solution for this tour included diesel generators, distribution system, and cabling with three Aggreko electricians joining the band on tour to deliver outstanding performances in every city.

The three-day Falls Festival in Byron Bay was next and was held over a wide area in North Byron Parklands which had no access to mains power. Due to the limitations of the site, Aggreko needed to use multiple smaller generators to provide all the necessary power. We installed 60 generators ranging from 20kVA to 700kVA to ensure coverage across the site for the 26 days leading up to and during the festival. Our team also deployed a hybrid power system consisting of a diesel generators paired with battery storage units and a 5kW solar array. This setup delivered reliable power for the event, saving over 30 tonnes of CO2 and a large amount of fuel which was mitigated due to our hybrid set-up.

The festival was followed by the Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. The tour organisers needed a temporary modular solution that would provide all the power required for the lighting, audio, and video (including large LED screens), as well as the cooling via air conditioners in the middle of the Australian summer. The equipment needed to be transported between 1,200 kilometres and 5,000 kilometres between each venue. Starting from Newcastle through major capital cities around the country and ending at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Aggreko’s team of three touring technicians followed the legendary musician, installing and packing down equipment needed to power the shows.

To wrap up summer we then provided the energy required to rock out with American band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Our dedicated events team were busy setting up and packing down gensets, pulling cable, installing cable ramps, and working to tight deadlines over long hours so that the band could continue to set the stage on fire with their performances!

Aggreko has been a reliable partner for event organizers for many years. Our expertise in providing temporary energy solutions, combined with our commitment to sustainability, has made our company the go-to choice for large music concerts, festivals, and tours. With strategically positioned depots and a large fleet of power and temperature control equipment, Aggreko is well positioned to support concert tours and music festivals anywhere in Australia. Our dedicated events team are ready to go the extra mile every time to make sure the show goes on without a hitch. 

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