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2024.03.25 Aggreko

Aggreko Powers KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix in Sydney with HVO

Innovative solution reduces carbon footprint of the event

Melbourne, Australia - March 21, 2024 - Energy solutions company Aggreko, world leader in the supply of modular power, proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix in Sydney, powering the event with an environmentally friendly approach utilising Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) for the first time in Australia. This innovative solution has substantially reduced the carbon footprint of the event, marking a significant milestone in sustainable event management.

By opting for HVO instead of traditional diesel to power the generators, Aggreko facilitated an impressive 23,533kg reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions. The decision to embrace this greener alternative aligns with Aggreko's commitment to sustainable practices and emphasises the company's dedication to providing eco-conscious solutions without compromising performance.

Throughout the Sydney event, Aggreko efficiently generated 22,770 kWh of power utilising HVO, demonstrating the viability and effectiveness of this environmentally friendly fuel source. Impressively, this was achieved with 9,141 litres of HVO, boasting an exceptional efficiency rate of 0.4 litres per kWh.

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Commenting on this milestone achievement, Aggreko APAC’s Managing Director, George Whyte, said, "Powering the Sydney event with our innovative HVO solution marks a significant step towards greener and more sustainable event management. By reducing CO2 emissions and demonstrating the effectiveness of environmentally friendly alternatives, we are proud to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for the global sports industry."

SailGP is the world’s most exciting race on water, where anything can happen in short, adrenaline-fueled battles between national teams at iconic stadium venues worldwide. Top athletes fly identical, high-tech F50 boats faster than the wind at speeds approaching 100 km/h – in a championship that’s powered by nature and races for a better future. The partnership between Aggreko and SailGP represents a significant milestone in the league's journey towards sustainability, demonstrating its dedication to implementing innovative solutions for a cleaner and greener future. Through collaboration with industry leaders like Aggreko, SailGP continues to lead by example, setting new standards for sustainable sports events globally.

Aggreko’s ESG strategy is underpinned by two goals:

  • Net zero emissions from facilities and operations by 2035
  • 30% reduction in the emissions intensity of energy solutions by 2030

These environmental commitments sit alongside the company’s social and governance commitments: investing in its own skills and communities and being an ethical and transparent business.

As the global demand for eco-conscious solutions continues to grow, Aggreko remains at the forefront of innovation, driving positive change within the industry.