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Large-scale industrial air conditioning solutions

20 kW Air Conditioner

A reverse cycle packaged 20 kW air conditioner can not only cool but also heat, dehumidify and filter the air to ensure an ideal climate for human occupancy or product storage. This 20 kW unit will remove moisture from the air as a natural side-effect of the cooling process. An AC works in a range of conditions appropriate to comfort air conditioning.

Reverce cycle air conditioner 20 kW

Equipment shown may not be representative of equipment currently available

Design Airflow 1.2 m3/s
Cooling Capacity 21.3 kW @1.2m3/s
Heating Capacity 21.5 kW @1.2m3/s
Height (m) 2.13
Length (m) 1.81
Transport weight 830kg
Width (m) 1.2


  • Delivers 21.3 kW of design cooling capacity at 27°C air outlet temperature.
  • Suitable for a wide range of cold air temperatures and applications from -5°C to 40°C.
  • High energy efficiency ratio (EER).
  • Can be used as an air- or water-cooled machine.
  • Wireless temperature sensors and standard built-in management system.
  • Duel compressor circuits and speed drives on all of the main electrical components increase reliability.
  • No risk of fluid spillage.


  • Our industrial air conditioner units offer maximum efficiency for any size of cold storage facility.
  • Our plug and play equipment ensures rapid delivery and setup within hours - safeguarding products.
  • Installing outside, means avoiding warehouse interference and installation fees, and increases safety levels.
  • Our units cool down to freezing temperatures meaning you can blast freeze your produce if an emergency happens, avoiding massive losses.
  • Systems will efficiently control the temperature of the air, even if your system is out of order.