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Industrial grade air heater

Electric Heater 150 kW

This industrial and commercial grade electric heater is great for heating and drying applications, including keeping ideal climate for human occupancy and product storage. The fan can be adjusted to control the air flow and direction, allowing for customised heating and ventilation solutions. Due to high outlet temperature, it can also be used for large specialised drying projects and for dehumidification.

Rating 150kW
Voltage 415V
Air Flow 4.1 m3/s
Length (m) 2.1
Width (m) 1.2
Height (m) 1.4
Weight (kg) 942


  • VSD for air flow control.
  • Completely fume, flame and moisture-free.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • A range of safety features, including high-temperature cut-out and an emergency stop.


  • Safe and reliable operation for rental applications.
  • Suits a wide variety of applications, including drying and space heating.
  • Reduced total cost of operation with efficient heating technology.