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Solar diesel hybrid: the future of mining power generation

Solar-diesel hybrid

Solar diesel hybrid power generation for the mining industry

  • $0 upfront capital outlay

  • 5-20% savings from the first kWh

  • Minimum 5 year contract

More flexibility, reliability and revenue - our hybrid solutions let you efficiently combine renewables with thermal generation and battery storage.


Efficiency continues to be a priority for mining companies. As operations go deeper and more remote, finding innovative ways to cut costs and improve productivity is an ongoing challenge.

Remote locations and limited access to local grid infrastructure means that the mining industry places significant demand on diesel generation for electricity. Fuel costs are a considerable issue here and the volatility of oil prices makes it difficult for diesel reliant mines to manage those fluctuations and protect profit margins. We’ve seen it through our work with mine sites all around the world, and are constantly looking at ways to improve efficiency. 

Hybrid solutions

 ‘Hybrid’ energy solutions are continuing to be developed and implemented within the mining industry, improving efficiency and bottom lines massively. Whether the mine uses waste products or renewable sources, the high risk of intermittency and unreliability means diesel will continue to play a significant role.

Using hybrid solar/diesel power generation for onsite mining operations offer many positives and as developments in renewable energy technologies continue to advance, hybrid solutions are starting to show how they can be beneficial. Where grid infrastructure is not available or insufficient, having your own source of power is essential. With uncertainty around commodity prices, miners are also starting to look at ways they can protect themselves from the increasing cost of diesel power generation.

Hybrid solutions enable diesel generators to operate lower loads, which reduces operating and maintenance requirements. Solar/diesel hybrids work by prioritising the solar power and only once they drop or become intermittent does the diesel generators get brought back to capacity.

Integrating hybrid power solutions, to existing diesel systems, can cut mining companies’ energy costs significantly and now to improve efficiency even more, we have created an energy package that smartly combines solar, diesel and battery storage – all seamlessly integrated and efficiently managed by our sophisticated software. Battery storage is key for a stable power source as it strengthens your grid by buffering the impact of fluctuating power demand and supply. With a reliable solar/diesel hybrid solution you benefit from reliable power around the clock, come rain or shine, saving money and helping you do your part for the environment.

Our hybrid package is available for rent, with no costly up-front investment, so you retain capital for your business operations. And it delivers the same flexibility we are known for: scalable power, whenever and wherever you need it!


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