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Power Generation for Hire


power generation and distribution solution tailored to your needs

Diesel and gas power generators will keep your business running

Aggreko provides reliable, and cost-effective rental power through our wide range of generator for hire, energy storage systems and electrical distribution. From small, transitory power at a site-level to baseload-scale megawatt power for regional power grids, we keep the power on and your business moving forward. We are also available to service the needs of many industries, from inner-city offices all the way to outback mining operations. 

We have a large range of industrial-scale generators (diesel, gas and hybrid) that range from 20kVA all the way up to 1,375kVA so you can be assured of stable, portable power no matter what your needs are. Our load banks will give you all of the power testing reliability you need as well to ensure there are no costly downtime or power failures during your operations. And our transformers meet all of the Australian Standards to ensure they are compliant across the utilities, resources and mining and oil and gas industries.

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Rental Power, When You Need It

Over the past 50 years, Aggreko has continued to custom-build generators for hire, all designed to meet the changing needs of your industry. Our power generation capabilities include:

  • Power generators ranging in sizes from 20kVA to 1,375kVA
  • Fuel efficient small canopy as well as large containerised diesel-powered generators
  • Natural gas-powered generators, cost-effective and less impact on the environment
  • Low-maintenance, quiet units for low-noise applications like movie sets
  • Quiet models for onboard or dockside needs within the shipping industry
  • Towable, portable options ideal for use in the construction and contracting industries
  • New advances in spill containment prevent spillage of fuel and engine fluids 

Aggreko continues to be a world leader in new innovations and technologies, delivering power generation solutions that meet new global trends. We also work hard to provide solutions that remain ahead of the curve, so that your business can take advantage of all of the new options as they are developed and rolled out. 


Power Generation Fuelling Options

Aggreko is able to provide flexible fuel options to supplement your power generator hire. The majority of our generators are diesel-powered, however gas fuelled generation as well as our unique ADDGAS (the combination of diesel and gas) powered generation are available to help you find the right balance for your fuel requirements.

With the ability to obtain fleet anywhere in the world via our worldwide network, we will be able to cater to your power generation requirements no matter where you require our support from. With a unique 24/7 callout service, we are able to offer a timely and responsive service, whatever your need.



Renewable technology helps us bring additional benefits to our off-grid customers.

Solar-diesel hybrid power plants.

Renewable energy is certainly the way forward, which is why we have created a hybrid package to enable you to benefit from the best of two worlds – the advantages of clean renewable energy and reliable diesel powered generators. Our solar-diesel hybrid gives you reliable, cost-effective energy 24/7, with contracts starting from five years and 5 MW generation capacity. 

This is an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance sustainability and demonstrate a green solution within their operations. It also utilises the proven reliability of diesel to ensure there is no risk of costly power outages because of inclement weather over a sustained period of time.

Our solar-diesel hybrid power plants are a way to transition towards a robust renewable solution as the technology improves while ensuring around the clock energy for your operation.

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