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Large-scale commercial diesel and natural gas generators

Ranging in size from 20kVA to 1,375kVA, we have the rental power you need to get the job done and to keep your electricity on. Over the years, a wide range of specialised mobile diesel generator rentals, as well as natural gas options have been developed by Aggreko to meet the specific needs of our customers’ ever-expanding industries.

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Emergency outages, planned projects, or a temporary surge in demand.

Because temporary power from Aggreko is available 24/7/365, our emergency diesel generators can get to you when and where you need them - quickly. Our portable units can be delivered immediately across Australia, minimising  downtime and keeping your facility or production running. As a cost-effective and reliable solution, our portable generators for hire are ideal for any project or application.   

Commercial and industrial generator rentals for Australia

Aggreko can offer generator rental and energy storage solutions that deliver power to all sizes and shapes, from temporary, single-site energy, through to baseload-scale, multi-megawatt power for regional grids. We focus on delivering precisely what each client needs, when they need it. 

  • Our canopy industrial and commercial generators for hire range in size from 20kVA to 500kVA and incorporate new advances in spill containment, silencing, and emissions.
  • Our silent units are quiet with a rugged, compact design. They are trailer-mounted for simple and safe transportation.
  • Container rental power units are available in individual sizes ranging from 500kVA to 1,375kVA and offer unique synchronizing and load-sharing capabilities. 
  • On movie sets, where noise reduction is important, our quiet generators are the perfect solution.

Additionally, Aggreko’s local technical specialists promptly deliver and install these units, and monitor their performance to ensure continued reliable service.  And if you need a source to keep your generator rental running, Aggreko can also provide a rental fuel tank or any of the rental power accessories you might need.

So, no matter what type of option you are looking for, our portable generators coupled with our flexible hire options are second to none. Contact us today to learn more about our prices, hire terms and more.


Why choose a diesel generator? 

Reliability is the key reason why so many businesses and companies across a wide range of industries turn to diesel generators for their main or backup power supply capabilities.

Our diesel generators are often used in industrial applications and are largely depended on as backup power. Diesel generators can be trusted to provide safe, emergency power and are often relied on by hospitals and other critical services - highlighting the reliability of diesel power generators and how they can be used by operations that rely on critical power. 

Diesel generators within our fleet incorporates modern noise and sound attenuation/suppression, in addition to emission control. Our options are flexible and our staff have the expertise and experience in designing applications to suit our customer’s stringent emissions and sound requirements.  


Temporary power generation hire locations across Australia

At Aggreko, we provide a large range of power generators for hire across Australia including major cities such as Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. These solutions are suitable for all applications. Uniquely built in-house by Aggreko at our UK manufacturing facility to strict standards, our models are available as a 'dry hire' option, with accessories to allow a complete operating package. 

Alternatively, hire diesel or gas generators as a scalable part of a large turn-key power station installation, allowing for continuing support well into operation and decommissioning stages.


Explore our competitive prices

We offer competitive hire prices on all our power generators and are committed to ensuring you receive not only the best prices but the best products and service. 

Not only will you receive competitive rates, but you will also receive the highest standards of maintenance and servicing. This includes around the clock support and delivery to locations around the country – from Melbourne to Sydney, Adelaide to Perth, and everywhere in between.

We also service many countries around the world. Whatever solution you are looking for, Aggreko has the ideal option for you available at the right price. Enjoy premium products that are backed by unmatched customer service. 


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