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At Aggreko, we help you progress your business with better – and cleaner – flexible energy generation for the life of your project.

As power specialists for the mining, utilities, and oil and gas sectors, we understand the energy you need to operate effectively – regardless of your site’s location or how complex your operation’s needs are.

We also understand the practical challenges of reducing your carbon emissions. That is why we will work with you and use our deep expertise to develop the right choice of solutions and services to give you the renewable flexible energy contract you require.

Our Flexible BOOM (Build-Own-Operate-Maintain) Service Model assists our power plant customers to use their capital more effectively within their own business. Under this contract model, we tailor your power plant to suit your site’s size, environment and compliance requirements.

As a major investor in your project we also continue to operate and maintain the plant, so it continues to work cost-effectively and efficiently. We also take care of the site’s evolving power needs, including technological upgrades.

Partnering with Aggreko helps customers de-risk the threat of future innovation and frees up your working capital for profitable uses without increasing the project’s debt ratio.

Our modular, scalable equipment also gives businesses the ability to leverage innovation at low risk and not be concerned about having the latest equipment.

Through our BOOM partnerships Aggreko and our customers have the added mutual benefit of showcasing and utilising new innovations through out a project’s lifecycle.

We can easily and efficiently scale our power plants up or down depending on an operations’ requirements. This means we can adapt quickly to provide more when you’re busy or less if things slow down.

We concentrate on providing efficient, flexible power for your project for as long as you need us, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.


Guiding customers to net-zero

We are constantly adapting to make sure our focus on a sustainable future is at the forefront of our strategy.

We are committed to ensuring that our success also brings long-term social and economic benefits to the communities and countries where we operate.

We’d be delighted to speak to you about your future energy needs.

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Our reach

Aggreko is the global leader for temporary mobile modular power, temperature control and energy services with 204 locations world-wide, across more than 80 countries.

Our company was founded in 1962 and has continually been at the forefront of innovation and the latest technology for energy services.

We work with a clear commitment to safety, diversity and inclusion, health and well-being and human rights wherever  we go.

Our industrial energy solutions

Acquiring an uninterruptible power source is a challenge for mines or remote projects, however Aggreko’s solutions are superior, providing safe and stable energy particularly in areas where there is limited or no access to mains power or gas.

Solutions are also supported by our company’s 24/7 remote monitoring, and maintenance is performed as and when needed. Additionally, we can draw on a global team of experienced engineers to creatively solve unique challenges staff face in remote locations.

Our batteries and generators are modular, moveable and can be scaled up or down to meet demand. Best of all, as we upgrade our technology, we upgrade yours too.


Benefits of our long-term energy solutions


Flexible commercial contract

Under a flexible BOOM contract Aggreko will provide the capital, own, operate and maintain the facility. We take care of all maintenance and upgrades as new technology becomes available. Best of all, we have our 24/7 remote monitoring and support to ensure the project runs efficiently.

Managing and mitigating risk

  • Power can be scaled up or down to fit in with project lifecycle unlike fixed power plants
  • No up-front capital costs (CAPEX) and costs are incurred monthly or as outlined in contract
  • Flexible contracts, with early termination options available
  • Budget visibility and predictability over power costs e.g. achieving the lowest levelized cost of power for the site
  • Maintenance costs and risks are mitigated.  

Security of supply

  • Security of power supply, ensuring your system works from day one
  • We are a global company, with global supply and technicians
  • Transparent fuel costs and guarantees
  • Fuel costs and supply risks are minimised with hybrid solutions and added renewables

Technology and safety

  • All safety and QHSE compliance requirements met (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001).
  • Not being tied to current technology and access to new technology and upgrades when available
  • Visibility and remote monitoring of assets 24/7

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