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Guiding mining to net zero

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We’re committed to net zero emissions by 2050.

  • By 2030 we will reduce customer diesel use by over 50%

  • By 2030 we will reduce local air quality emissions by over 50% and reach Net Zero emissions across our own business

  • By 2050 all our services will be Net Zero

Talk to one of our mining specialist today to find out how we are working with miners to reduce carbon and cost whilst enhancing overall operational efficiency.

we’re committed to net zero emissions by 2050.

That’s why we’re partnering with the world’s biggest miners to use greener energy like solar, wind and natural gas.


Investing in future technology

We’re investing A$450-$600 million every year to support this energy transition, with a large part of this spend in the mining sector.

As power generation for mining becomes more complex, our solutions aim to simplify and de-risk these decisions for our customers. Using a combination of diesel, gas, solar, battery storage and additional future technologies, we’re able to reduce carbon emissions while increasing overall energy efficiency.

What’s more, our modular equipment combined with our “build, own and operate” model allows us to fl ex to suit the requirements of every mine through the life-cycle.

Join our journey

We’re proud to be supporting miners as they face the great challenge of reducing their emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. We’d be delighted to speak to you about your future energy needs.

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