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Construction and commissioning power supply for the oil & gas industry

Power Supply Solutions to Stay on Track

Disruptions at any stage of the lifecycle can have a ripple effect throughout the rest of your project. This can lead to missed milestones, extended delivery times, budget overspends, and worse - delayed revenue.

With the construction and commissioning phase being so early in your project lifecycle, you want to make sure that your power supply isn’t adding to the many issues that can derail your project.

So, whether you’re looking for a flexible offering for worker camps as the workforce increases and decreases during the construction and commissioning phase, or a versatile solution for the actual construction and commissioning of your project, Aggreko can deliver a reliable solution that works.

We will listen to your exact requirements and ensure that this vital phase of the project plan is catered for. From smaller, mobile generators that are easily moved around the project location, to bigger generators, or even microgrids for powering large areas of the site, with Aggreko you’ll get a flexible and scalable solution that works for you.

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Partnering with Aggreko isn’t just about reliable power; it’s also about looking to the future.

Taking steps to become more energy efficient, we support our customers wherever they may be on their net zero journey. Solutions such as our hybrid power package mean utilising energy storage with batteries for the displacement of diesel generator sets for spinning reserve. Ensuring that your fuel costs and emissions are guaranteed to be lower when compared to a diesel-only fuel option.

Meaning you’ll have access to 24/7 power, up to a 20% reduction in electricity costs, as well as fewer emissions.

What’s good for you is even better for the environment.