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View on offshore wind-farm with 8MW wind-turbines and offshore platform in German north Sea with dramatic clouds

Turnaround and Maintenance in Oil & Gas Industry

Keeping your oil and gas operations running

Turnarounds and maintenance are critical to the success of oil and gas assets. If they’re delayed or poorly executed you’ll likely face significant downtime and suffer financial losses. Get them right, and you can ensure the smooth operation of your plant at all times along with maximum productivity and profitability.

Aggreko is a complete solutions provider for both short- and long-term projects. Our solutions are modular and flexible, allowing you to scale up or down depending on your turnaround schedule or maintenance programme. Global best practices ensure the same approach, quality, safety, and standards wherever in the world you are operating, irrespective of whether you’re onshore or offshore. At Aggreko, we understand the cost implications of power outages during a turnaround and that they must be avoided. With our decades of experience in providing temporary power solutions and expertise in conducting electrical studies for operators, we are a trusted partner in the oil and gas industry.

Onshore and Offshore Turnarounds and Maintenance

Distributed power for maintenance

Supplementary distributed power is essential during a turnaround for maintenance crews. This includes power for accommodation, welding, and the motor control centre. Aggreko’s solutions are built to be robust enough to avoid any trips or downtime that would delay the turnaround. Aggreko’s solutions are designed to avoid this and ensure the completion of maintenance work as soon as possible.

HVAC Solutions for Confined Spaces
Increased ambient temperatures or humidity reduce the amount of time workers can operate in confined spaces, resulting in a longer turnaround time. Aggreko’s cooling and dehumidification solutions not only improve the working environment and extend operating times, but can also reduce the drying or curing time of paints and resins by up to 50%. Ultimately this leads to improved worker health, full compliance with local labour laws, and a reduced turnaround time and cost.

Temporary Power Solutions for Planned Maintenance

Older gas turbines require four-yearly maintenance, during which a backup generator is needed for the platform. Aggreko provides temporary power during these overhauls – or when a gas turbine has become unstable, provides a temporary solution until it can be replaced at the next major turnaround. Our competitive pricing means that you can also consider using Aggreko solutions as a permanent replacement for older gas turbines.

A Solution for Your Oil & Gas Operations Maintenance and Turnaround

Aggreko’s experts will consult with you to design the ideal turnaround and maintenance solution for your platform. We’ll be with you every step of the way, and if you’re offshore, we’ll train your teams to commission and operate the equipment. Partner with Aggreko and we’ll provide a pre-agreed framework outlining the specifics of equipment, support, and other key details so that we can service your turnarounds quickly and smoothly through a call-off contract.