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Excess moisture makes renovation for listed building even more delicate

Restoring an early 19th century, listed building is a delicate process, and when a construction company began this procedure, the last thing they needed was to discover a moisture problem. The more that they exposed, the more they discovered that the damp was further reaching than they initially realised.  It required prompt intervention in order to preserve precious artwork.

Swelling in the walls and floor was threatening widespread damage to this piece of history. What was needed was an expert partner who could rid the building of the excess moisture. It needed a delicate and precise approach, while working around the ongoing restoration works.

Project fact file

1 x

30 kVA generator

2 x


2 x

65 KW heaters



Expertise and precise, bespoke heating and dehumidification

The first step was truly understanding the minutiae of the task ahead. What was the optimum temperature for work to be carried out and for the existing and treasured building interior? There were many other questions that needed to be answered to enable us to find the best solution, so a site assessment by one of our experts helped us devise the best plan.

We delivered two 65 kW heaters, two dehumidifiers and a generator to provide the power to this package. Thermostats and humidistats came complete with our heating and drying equipment so we could keep the temperature and moisture in check. From delivery to installation took us two hours, time was just as precious as the building we were helping to save.



Historic building and artwork restored and preserved

With our mobile and modular heating and drying equipment, experts on site and ability to adapt to any change in situation, restoration could continue unhindered.
That has big ramifications for the listed building and the artwork contained within the delicate frame. Without our expertise, the moisture would have ruined pieces of valuable history – history that cannot be replaced.

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