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OIl-free compressed air solutions

Oil-free air compressor hire

Zero emissionswith oil-free compressed air

Oil-free air compressors you can depend on

When cleanliness is critical, our oil-free compressor rental service provides solutions capable of delivering a safe, clean environment for your operations.

You can rest assured of no product contamination for your processes, products and people. Our models are compliant with ISO 8573-1 Class 0 – the strictest air quality standard.

Powered by electric, our variable speed drive (VSD) compressors are more efficient, resulting in lower energy costs and, with no oil to consider, a reduction in maintenance and downtime too.

They’re also kind to the environment, producing zero emissions. There’s no requirement to dispose of oil or condensate either.

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How does an oil-free compressor work?

Oil-free air compressors don't use oil as a lubricant, preventing contamination in the compressed air.

Traditional oil-flooded air compressors require oil to keep key mechanisms lubricated. Even those models with the best filtration systems can allow oil into the compressed air – impacting products, processes and people.

With our stage V diesel and electric air compressor fleet, you can ensure you operations remain contaminant-free. 

The cleanest air for the purest processes

ISO Class 0

Class 0 air quality guarantees 100% air purity. This new class was brought into existence to meet the growing demands for sterile air within the new industry. It is the cleanest choice available and is highly recommended for applications where air purity is critical.

5 reasons to choose oil-free air compressors

OIl free air compressor rental

Avoid the risk of oil contaminating your processes, end product and impacting your people.

Oil-free air compressors are more efficient, which helps to reduce energy costs.

There’s less maintenance required than with oil-fired compressors too. With there being no oil filter, you don’t need to make filter changes – which often leads to additional costs and increased downtime.

Oil-free air compressors are quick to start – with no lag.

When you rent from Aggreko, you’ll have the peace of mind of 24/7/365 support, as well as our Remote Monitoring  service, ARM.

Our experts will continue to monitor the performance of your equipment to maximise performance.

No oil in the system means no pollutants are released into the atmosphere. You don’t need to dispose of pollutants either.

Our electric oil-free compressors also deliver zero emissions.

Our oil-free air compressor hire models are used across multiple sectors, including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and petrochemical and refining. Applications include:

  • Instrument air
  • Process air
  • Plant air
  • Aeration
  • Pressure testing
  • Pipeline drying and cleanout
  • Catalyst regeneration
  • Vessel dehydration
  • Air separation
  • Pneumatic transport
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