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Cutting costs and emissions with combined heat and power

Rising prices, uncertain supplies and the transition to unproven greener power, mean energy resilience can’t be taken for granted. More and more companies are looking to decentralised power generation, for greater flexibility and control. Like CHP – Combined Heat and Power. By harnessing your waste heat and steam, this clean, stable and reliable power supply enables you to reduce your total energy cost by up to 20%, lower your emissions by up to 30% and minimise the need for capital outlay.

All the benefits of cogeneration, without the capex

Forget high upfront costs and long payback times. At Aggreko, we make CHP simple and affordable. While conventional CHP means separate fees from a range of suppliers, we bring everything together under one contract. Our rental approach bypasses capex investment, delivering maximum flexibility based on your unique needs. Lowering costs and raising resilience.

Why work with Aggreko?

CHP to raise your energy

Raise your energy security fast with no capex or the financial burden of investing in systems that may be phased out

Cut energy bills with CHP

Cut energy bills by up to 20% and carbon emissions by up to 30%

Our CHP experts

Our experts can advise and install our complete CHP solution quickly and simply, with minimum disruption

Latest CHP technology to complement other systems

By hiring, you’re getting the latest, most efficient technology that can support existing heating and cooling processes

We make CHP hire easy

We’re here to put simplicity into every CHP solution. Hire today and you can action your plans immediately, accessing newer, cleaner, more efficient technology. Avoiding high upfront costs and technical obsolescence. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, putting you in control. Our experts work with you to tailor a unique solution around your needs. Starting with a full site evaluation.

Our CHP solutions are proven in the real world, in your world. Read our case studies to discover more.

Trusted expertise, proven results

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