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HVO generator hire from Aggreko

HVO generator hire

Choose HVO drop-in fuel as an alternative fuel option

Cut emissions, not performance with our HVO generators

Stay ahead of the curve with your sustainability strategy. Clean, efficient, and demonstrably better for the environment, HVO generators are an exciting step forward on the road to Net Zero.

HVO (or Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a type of biodiesel. Aggreko has a wide range of HVO generators available to hire, including the UK’s largest Stage V generator fleet - from 30 kVA to 2,100 kVA.

HVO can be used as a direct replacement, and ‘dropped in’ to any of our diesel generators . No special filters required. Switching can reduce harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions – by up to 25%.

Find out more about HVO generator hire – explore our range below or contact our experts to discuss your needs. 

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Reduce NOx emissions and particulate matter with HVO

HVO drop-in fuel is more clean burning than standard diesel. In our independent tests, results proved that it could; 

  • reduce NOx emissions by as much as 25%
  • reduce particulate matter by up to 42%
  • reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 90%
  • reduce carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by up to 24%

So, whether you’re looking to take the first step towards Net Zero, working in a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) or maximising your corporate responsibility credentials, hiring a biodiesel generator brings many benefits. 

It also gives you all the simplicity and long storage life of diesel – with the same reliable performance and efficiency.

Want to learn more about HVO as an alternative generator fuel source? Take a look at our ‘What is HVO fuel?’  guide.

Why choose Aggreko for a biodiesel generator?

We have vast experience in supplying temporary, supplementary and emergency biodiesel power generation solutions throughout the commercial world.

Our HVO generators are used to drive sustainability in construction projects, manufacturing plants, hospitals and healthcare facilities, film and TV production and many more. 

  • Our experts will help you build an HVO generator hire package based on your technical requirements and your budget.
  • We can manage delivery and installation, directly at your site – no location is too remote for our team.
  • We have one of Europe’s largest generator fleets – with all our diesel models being HVO compatible.
  • With our Aggreko Remote Monitoring service , we can view live data around performance and technical faults, and offer rapid response to resolve issues.
  •  You can also take advantage of our competitively-priced fuel management system  – which means you’ll never have to work about our HVO generators running out of fuel again.
  • You’ll have access to our specialist support team, whenever you need it – 24/7, 365.
  • More than 60 years’ worth of global expertise and innovation in the power generation industry. 

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