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Rapid response for the government & defence sectors

Keeping crucial services from education and healthcare to military services available is essential. All need reliable power, heating, cooling and dehumidification. But when things don’t go to plan, we can step in to bridge the gap. From delivering emergency power when the grid goes down, to supporting a routine HVAC plant maintenance – our experts are here to help. Our engineers and equipment can even go to power remote military camps, no matter how isolated your operation.

Precision control

From temporary central heating for a school and supplementary cooling for a hospital to powering a whole community after a storm, we can help you provide essential power supply services. We can also support you with contingency plans that will help you respond quickly to unplanned emergencies. Our engineers will meet with you to assess the risks you’d face if your utilities failed, then create a practical plan that we can put into action at a moment’s notice.

Why Aggreko?

We’re here to put simplicity into every solution. Use our equipment and flexible solutions to give you greater agility and control, without the need for capital expenditure. Hire today and you can action your plans immediately, accessing newer, cleaner, more efficient technology.

Add power resilience for governmental and defence projects

Added resilience: Back-up power and temperature control to off-grid prime power

Added efficiency: Improve efficiency and reduce energy usage, costs and emissions

Added productivity governmental and defence projects

Added productivity: Supplement on-site power and temperature control

Added reassurance for governnmental sector

Added reassurance: Full support of sector experts and skilled engineers

Shore supply power package for HMS Ambush Nuclear Submarine

At your order

As a military power supply provider, we can help you to run operations, while keeping people safe and healthy. We can support you with a temporary military power supply, loadbanks and temperature control equipment for:

  • Base camp amenities including accommodation and dining facilities
  • Field hospitals, including operating theaters
  • Controlling humidity levels for weapons storage or navigation equipment
  • Supplementing shore power and chilling water for naval vessel operating systems while in port
  • Testing equipment performance  - on and offshore by simulating adverse conditions, from sub-zero to desert
  • Temporary power and HVAC  while you carry out routine maintenance to your own equipment
  • Loadbanks for power supply testing

Greener Upgrades

Greener Upgrades are a small switch to make a big difference. Making the sustainable more viable. Combining the latest technology, cleaner fuels and smarter thinking to help you achieve lower on-site emissions and greater efficiency, while potentially reducing fuel costs. 

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Our government and military solutions are proven in the real world, in your world. Read our case studies to discover more.

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