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Industrial cooling hire

Industrial cooling equipment hire for supplementary, emergency and back-up cooling

Solve your temperature challenges with our industrial cooling equipment hire

Industrial cooling solutions you can count on

From cold food storage to hospitals to movie special effects, our industrial cooling services keep crucial operations running.
Whether you need supplementary cooling during peak demand, backup for planned maintenance or an emergency replacement for equipment failure, our industrial cooling product rental service is there to add resilience, efficiency and productivity to customers’ operations across a range of industries.

We supply industrial chillers, air conditioners and cooling towers - all designed and built to excel in the toughest environments. You can also hire all the ducting, cabling, power generators and pumps you need to get your system up and running.

Our flexible, modular approach allows you to scale up or down your cooling hire solution to meet your cooling requirement.
Technical specialists will quickly deploy cooling equipment and monitor performance to give you a continued, dependable service. Explore our full range of industrial cooling equipment available for hire today.

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Benefit from quality products and sector expertise with our cooling hire

Find the industrial cooling equipment hire for your needs

We have a thorough understanding of the demanding challenges of critical temperature applications. Our engineers can help you determine the equipment needed based on your project, location and temperature requirements.

So, whether you're looking to supplement existing industrial cooling systems during periods of high ambient temperatures, or during periods of increased cooling demand, we’ll design, commission and maintain a reliable and cost-effective industrial cooling equipment hire package to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Industrial chillers

Ranging from 50 kW to 1500 kW

  • Air conditioners

Available in sizes 50 KW to 200 kW

  • Cooling towers

Single units from 2500 kW or combined units for multi-MW 

Access efficient, sustainable cooling equipment without any delays

Alleviating compliance and supply-chain challenges

If you’re buying new equipment or performing modifications on existing systems, making sure that a site is in line with environmental legislation such as EU F-Gas Regulations, can require extensive up-front capital. Temporary chillers and cold storage solutions can be quickly implemented in the place of non-compliant equipment, immediately reducing the risk of disrupted operations, and without the need of capital expenditure.

It can take time to work out the best long-term plan for a site, especially when considering market fluctuations, new technology and supply-chain issues. While planning work is being carried out, hired temperature control equipment can ensure production for as long as needed with service support and maintenance carried out by Aggreko experts.

Solve your temporary temperature challenges with rental cooling solutions

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