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Industrial dehumidifier hire

Industrial dehumidifier hire for precise climate control

If preventing the build-up of moisture is critical to your operation, our industrial dehumidifier hire options can offer targeted support – staving off dampness and humidity, no matter how big the space. 
Humidity can cause irreparable damage to critical assets, from machinery and electronics or even fine art. If your business or project makes use of such assets, it’s important to factor industrial dehumidifier hire into your plans; meaning you’ll save time and money should the worst happen. 

But you can’t plan for every eventuality. And floods and leaks can wreak havoc, potentially halting your plans as you address the aftermath.

And that’s where desiccant dehumidifier hire with Aggreko can help. Available for corporate and commercial use; our range of industrial dehumidifiers are robust and dependable, meaning you can focus on keeping plans moving.

Don’t let moisture and humidity stall your operations – find out how industrial dehumidifier hire with Aggreko can help you.

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Industrial dehumidifier hire with precision dew point control for critical sites and assets

Moisture control is key when working in critical environments as high humidity can damage circuit boards, while low humidity can result in static damage.

Our desiccant dehumidifier hire options can prevent humidity-related damage on an industrial scale, and we’re experts in implementing dehumidifiers in a range of sectors, including facilities management, shipping, and oil and gas. Whatever industry you work in, we’re on-hand to support with industrial dehumidifier hire packages tailored to your needs.

We can find cost-effective solutions for a range of issues and applications. Our industrial dehumidifier hire can be used to:

  • Prevent metal corrosion
  • Reduce drying times for concrete, insulation and fireproofing
  • Reduce mould and mildew growth
  • Dry out water-damaged commercial buildings
  • Prepare surfaces and vessels for painting and coating applications
  • Blanket equipment to protect from humid air
  • Maintain correct ambient conditions for floor laying
  • Aid processes, such as stabilising or preserving food products
  • Preserve equipment on laid up oil rigs or vessels

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