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Gas generator hire

Temporary and emergency gas generator rental, providing power in a range of applications  

Flexible natural gas power generation rental

Reliable, continuous and cost-effective gas generator hire

If your grid connection is delayed, unreliable or insufficient, or you’re simply looking for a more cost-effective power source, our industrial gas generator hire service could provide the answer. We have invested in new generation, gas-powered generators which offer world-leading efficiency in a flexible package. Our fleet features generators capable of providing power outputs ranging from 310 kW to 1,120 kW. They're housed in standard containers and modular in design, which means we can engineer and install gas projects from a single unit to a multi-megawatt power plant. And if you need to scale your capacity up or down we can flex to meet your needs.

With a commercial gas generator for hire from our fleet, you can avoid making costly, long-term investments in the current volatile climate - especially  with the uncertainty regarding energy security and pricing.  There's never been a better time to hire from Aggreko. Explore our full range of gas-powered generators below, or contact us today to discuss the needs of your business. 

Benefit from quality products and sector expertise with our gas generator hire services 

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Gas generators with industry-leading design

Our commercial gas generators come with proven ‘lean burn’ technology and spark-arrested silencing and are turbo-charged with after-cooling to deliver best-in-class fuel efficiency. Housed in space-saving 20ft ISO containers. The 310 kW model includes both the generator and skid in the 20ft container. Whilst the larger 1120 kW model has the skid external to the container, with the gas ancillary module stacked on top, to greatly reduce footprint.

Bespoke industrial gas generator hire packages

Whether you need the gas generators to run in parallel with the grid supply, or in island mode– we will design a solution that fits. Packaged in-house by our specialist team, they deliver reliable continuous power for a range of applications - even in the most demanding site conditions.  We also offer a vast range of supporting ancillary equipment, including transformers and power distribution that seamlessly integrate with our commercial gas generators.

Lower emissions with our natural gas generators

When environmental impact is a consideration, our gas generator rentals deliver significantly lower nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM) emissions, making Aggreko gas generators a greener alternative to diesel.

Our lower-emission gas generators run on a number of fuel sources, including natural gas, biogas, coalbed gas, shale gas and wellhead gas. This means you can make the most of the fuel you have when you choose Aggreko for your natural gas generator hire.

Benefit from greater efficiencies with heat recovery

Combined heat and power solutions

We also have the technical capabilities to deliver Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions, enabling you to generate power, heat, steam or hot water by utilising waste heat from the engine's exhaust or high-temperature coolant. This gives you extra cost savings, especially in processing environments. By hiring a natural gas generator, you could reduce energy costs by up to 20% and emissions up to 30%.

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