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Meet precise humidity demands to preserve precious artwork in listed building

Somerset House is more than four hundred years old. Built originally in 1553, the building is steeped in history and was the home for many a monarch in the past. The bricks and mortar may well be valuable, but it is the antiquities that reside within the famous walls that represent the lions share of value. Art, tapestries and paintings from different centuries, rulers and generations are held in Somerset House, and with age comes delicacy.

The building is undergoing refurbishment and the company responsible needed expertise on how to handle the sensitive task of creating the perfect atmosphere to preserve the precious artwork.

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Air movers

24 /7

Constant monitoring of humidity levels


Dehumidifiers, air movers and a new monitoring system to keep the closest eye on temperatures

Our experts worked closely with the customer in order to find out the optimum level of humidity, the schedule of work that will take place, and to discuss different plans to ensure the delicate works of art were protected.

We devised a package that included dehumidifiers, air movers to adapt to variable conditions – and our new digital system to keep the closest eye on the ambient temperature and humidity levels.


As well as equipment, we provided specialist advice on how to maintain, control and monitor the temperature and humidity levels on a 24/7 basis



Priceless art preserved for future generations

A swift answer was needed and our dehumidifying package allowed critical work to continue, so the historic building could be restored to its best. Most importantly, the priceless art and antiques that are so delicate to temperature change and the slightest rise in moisture in the air? This could be safely kept in check thanks to our all-encompassing approach that took care of all threats to the ancient items that find their home inside the listed building.

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