Client Specialist flooring contractor

Location Cumbria, UK

Sectors Contracting



Precise humidity for protective coating application at power station

Nuclear power sites have a high level of security for good reason. They also have a lot of infrastructure, which can make logistics a complication.

Our customer was shotblasting the interior of a large tank for the power plant. This would leave the interior prepared for a specialist coating to be applied. The application of the coating demanded a level of between 30-80% humidity to be maintained. Failure to do so would leave the coating uncured and delays would begin.

Our customer needed an experienced partner who had the modular equipment and sector expertise that could deliver this precise step.

Project fact file

2 x KT1600

Desiccant dehumidifiers

3 Weeks

Project duration


Extensive planning, site visits, collaboration and our desiccant dehumidifiers

We quickly established the tank dimensions, the specifications of the coating and we looked at data that listed historical ambient temperatures for that time of year. 

Knowledge is power and it meant we could provide a comprehensive solution to achieve the dehumidification that the project demanded – which we delivered on one vehicle and was installed within just two hours. Our KT1600 desiccant dehumidifiers and many
lengths of our ducting and power cables supplied the exact levels of humidity that allowed
the coating to be applied successfully.


We create the perfect environment for progress



Critical coating process kept on track and costly delays avoided

The tank could now dry completely with the coating applied. This meant a failure of the protective coating was avoided, which also meant there was no need for timely, costly delays that would come with a re-application of the process.

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