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Oil Refinery and Energy

Client: Refinery

Location: Italy

Sectors: Petrochem plants - Process enhancement

The challenge

Cooling down a reactor while reducing expensive downtime

Our client, one of Italy’s largest refiners, set us a challenge. To reduce the time it takes to cool down a reactor from the standard 5 days to just 3 days.
Helping them to maximise maintenance time, saving $1 million a day, while maintaining high levels of efficiency and security.
Time was crucial. Every hour carries considerable costs, leaving no room for delays. We needed a solution that was right, first time. And we needed it fast, with just 3 weeks from first design to final decommissioning.

Key facts

Cooldown 1 Day
Design to decommissioning 3 Weeks
Savings $4 m

The solution

Using Hydrogen instead of Nitrogen

For years, we have used nitrogen to cool down reactors rapidly. However, in our quest for better performance, we have designed a game-changing solution. For the first time, we have used hydrogen instead.

Our experts proposed a fully engineered system with mechanical chillers, heat exchangers, centrifugal pumps, process drums, power generators, and all associated piping.

Our solution represents a significant advantage by effectively reducing the critical path, enabling smoother and more efficient operations.
Nitrogen illustration

The impact

Reactor cooldown in 1 day, instead of 3

Challenged to reduce the time it takes to cool down a reactor, our solution went above and beyond, surpassing all client expectations. From the standard industry 5 days to just 1 day, saving $4 million in downtime and lost profit.

The successful implementation of this hydrogen-based solution delivered tangible benefits to our customer, while demonstrating our expertise and commitment to innovation.

Techncian behind a refinery at night