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Global petrochem giant receives critical cooling to protect production

Client: Global petrochemical manufacturer

Location: UK

Sectors: Petrochemical and refining

The Challenge

To rapidly replicate process cooling system at polymer plant so production could continue

The customer, a global presence in the petrochemical sector, required process cooling, and quickly. The client’s resident chillers had numerous faults – something that was compromising reliability of the chilled water required for the customer’s critical processes.

In short, if a new cooling solution was not found rapidly, production would grind to a halt for their high value product. This would mean a significant loss of orders for the petrochemical company and could have jeopardised the plant’s operation and future.

Project fact file

Chillers 8 x 800kW
Generators 4 x 1250kVA
Heat exchangers 4 X HX1500
Length of time to deliver and install 7days
800kW YCJP variant

The Solution

Close consultation with customer to deliver comprehensive and precise cooling

The key to a successful and seamless installation was listening to the customer. After consulting, we found out that there could be a stumbling block with the flow and return temperatures. There was the possibility that the return could be as high as 40°c due to the client’s process, although Aggreko knew that once a solution could be found and implemented a stable return temperature would be closer to 22°c.

Our engineering teams elected to build in 4x 1500 kW HEX units and 4x three port valves, which would protect the installation and allow it to better integrate into the customer’s processes. The solution was comprehensive and was delivered and installed within a week. It involved heat exchangers, chillers, fuel tanks, pumps, specialist valves and generators to keep the package powered.

The Impact

Production, customer reputation and profit margins were maintained

From initial consultation to project design, risk assessments and full execution, we were on site, in communication and always open to adapting if necessary.

The scale of the operation and the long-term hire could have sprung logistical challenges, but our accumulated experience, expertise and modular equipment allowed us to produce when it mattered. It meant that in a short space of time, the customer had the critical cooling they needed, so their vital production could continue unhindered. No lost time and our customer kept their client’s on board and critically, production continued.