Client Network Rail

Location Didcot, UK

Sectors Rail and public transport industry


Keeping commuters on the move

Thames Valley Signalling Centre is on a busy mainline rail network that thousands of commuters and travellers rely on every day. It all hinges on having continuous power, so when Network Rail needed to take the centre off-grid to upgrade a breaker in their switchgear, they needed interim power - and they needed it fast.

Network Rail had a back-up generator but as it was linked to the switchgear that was being upgraded, it couldn’t be used. There wasn’t much room onsite either, so anything installed needed to be as space-efficient as possible.

Project fact file

800 kVA

Load sharing capacity of the generators


Crane to lift equipment in place


Disruption to train passengers


Small and perfectly formed power package

Our power package provided both prime power and critical back-up to ensure the signalling centre was online at all times. We used two 800 kVA generators to share the site’s 500 kVA load – that meant there was always spare capacity to take up the whole load if one should happen to fail.

We also supplied all the fuel, and three tanks to contain it, so there was no risk we’d run out and interrupt service. And as space was limited on-site, we delivered the generators on a trailer and lifted them in place by crane. All done in four hours – so the site could come off the grid and we could take the load.


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Non-stop power for busy train line

Thames Valley Signalling Centre controls a busy train line and it got the continuous power it needed to keep the wheels in motion. Lack of room on-site was no obstacle for us, as we had the equipment available to ensure we took up as little space as possible.

"Power was taken offline and switched to the generators and back onto the grid smoothly, with no disruption to the signalling centre or train lines that it managed. Despite the tight footprint, the Aggreko team installed and managed their equipment safely and efficiently".


Michael Harris Section Manager, Electrification & Plant, Network Rail ,

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